Sephiroth (wanuingu_tenshi) wrote in unfolding_fate,


[ooc: hello]

Sephiroth stayed in his own corner, calmly surverying the show taking place beneath him.

'What pathetic fools.' He thought mildly amused with what was occuring. Finally noting that things seemed to be getting out of hand, he stood and smiled. That Riku child was thrice a fool to be taken in by that petty lowlife Ansem.

Drifting over, he mentally noted the lack of power on one side, and sadly that was the side with more occupants.

"Really now you pathetic inhabitant of Hollow Bastion." Sephiroth commented idly as he finally stopped in front of Riku, ignoring all the others.

"What is it you plan to accomplish? Taking over this worthless mortal, sending away the only person who can stop you... surely you know when to give up." He sneered.
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