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Destiny Awaits
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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
5:57 pm
With Quezacotl hovering nearby, Zell cracked his knuckles, eager to rejoin the fight. He glanced over to the side when he heard some shouting and blinked when he saw Daisuke instead of Dark, 'I'm never going to get used to that...' He looked over at the new arrivals, tilted his head to the side and then turned to Squall, "What do you make of these new guys? Friends or enemies?"
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
4:08 pm
Onikage shook his head a bit before attempting to get up. As he got up he turned toward the very long white haired man with a very large katana. What the man said left a huge question in his mind as well as he began to suddenly want to feed again...

"i knew bloody pancakes for breakfast was a bad idea... anyways do i dare ask who you are madam and .. the bad guys are winning this time?"
Monday, September 26th, 2005
10:31 pm
Sephiroth gave a tiny smirk of amusement went the RIku boy was suddenly pinned to the ground and gave an absent chuckle.

"If all it took to fell you was a single mishap, it makes me wonder how badly the forces of light have diminished in my abscense. Truly revolting." He commented glancing at the greatly injured side of the fight.

"And truly pathetic."
9:30 pm
Riku let out a minor 'oof!' as Onikage landed on top of him and growled surly.
"Get off me you mumbling fool." He snarled glaring at the figure on top of him.
"This is highly demeaning." He growled.
7:46 pm
Satoshi turned to the newly transformed Daisuke and gaped.
"Niwa? What did-? Why are you out here?" He demanded angrily.
"What is that fool Dark thinking?!"
Saturday, September 24th, 2005
6:07 pm
Zell shuddered slightly as consciousness returned to him. Opening his eyes, he saw Squall looking down at him, his typical stoic expression showing only a hint of annoyance. Looking past his friend, Zell noticed that Quezacotl had returned. Jumping to his feet, Zell winced, 'Ok, maybe that was a bad idea.' He turned to Squall and smirked, "Thanks. I guess I owe you again...still."
Friday, September 23rd, 2005
8:32 pm
Onikage returns
A small retangular red portal formed just over riku was he was ranting about darkness growing and such to the wonderous Sephiroth. The portal stretched out widly in a few seconds and dumped out a few tired looking man wearing a yakuta. Sadly where he was landing happened to be right on top of riku. Meanwhile on the way down onikage himself began to rant.

" I knew i should have taken the bus.. if only my car hadn't ran out of gas and lord meh oh would answer his phone i wouldnt have to use these blasted portals.. better yet.. what is a bus or a car...let alone a phone..."

Onikage shook his head in confusion stopped his minor rant half way down landing on top of riku.

"... i just had to wake up today... why could i just sleep like normal people.. sure you will be powerful lord meh oh said... sure become a vampire and get stronger lord meh oh said... i need a raise..."

(OOC: sorry everyone for being away for so long.. i have had a few problems with me.. Empire.. .anyways.. /wave to everyone once again)
2:32 am
Dark > Daisuke
Dark nodded to Kratos as he felt his strength return.
"Thanks, and I think we're okay now." He said as he stood, a bit wobbly on his feet.
"We've got problems, how do we stop this guy? Short of a bomb I think we're out of luck." He hissed.
"What I think though, is we need to get out of this place, he seems way too powerful... if only-" He suddenly froze.
That's it! Daisuke!
Yes? What is it?
I need you to draw a portal out of here!
Hey you did it once before in Freedert's world, why not here?
For one thing I need something to draw with, and where would I draw it of?!
I'll leave that to you to decide, now let's do it!

And with that Dark transformed into Daisuke.
"H-HUH? DARK!" Daisuke cried out angrily.
Hurry up!
1:10 am
Satoshi nodded vaguely to Kratos, still having not a real clue as to what was going on.
"What can I do to help?" He asked vaguely as he stood. Suddenly his knees shook wildly and his legs gave way and he slumped to the ground again, clutching his chest as it ached with raw pain.
"Dammit..." He hissed through clenched teeth.
'Take it easy Satoshi.' He thought to himself. 'Don't forget, you were stabbed through the chest with a sword.'
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
11:54 pm
Kratos awoke with a start, startled to realize that the pain he should have felt in waves were nothing but short and easy to ignore spasms. Glancing to his side, he sighed heavily, why did he always have to be saved?
Well, there was but one thing he could do for his fellow companions, one move that would restore them all.
Best to save that one for last.
And now a new silver haired being had appeared, Kratos sorely prayed that they wouldn't join forces.
"Are you alright?" He asked mildly of Dark and Satoshi as he made his way over after nodding to Squall, trusting him to keep Zell alive and revive him.
Gently he began to cast a healing spell on the two.
10:27 pm
When he saw his best friend collapse Squall rushed over to help him, while keeping a close eye on Riku to make sure he did not try anything.
Leaning down he check to make sure that his friend was just merely unconscious, Squall was relieved to find that his friend still had a pulse. So the idiot just got him self knock out.
Summoning his magic he cast cugra.

(OOC: there, i posted, but it is not my fault that I have not posting in soo long. My character is the strong silent, key word there is silent, type. A talkative squall = bads things XD )
4:59 pm
Sora gaped as he stared around.
Destiny islands?
How had he gotten here?!
"R-Riku?! Dark? Zell! Hey! Anyone!" he cried feverishly.
4:50 pm
Riku sneered at Sephiroth.
"You think you know everything? Darkness has it's own way of growing, all it takes is a little nudge and some will power. Now what do you want?" He asked crisply of the one winged angel.
4:32 pm
Status Upgrade
Location: Kingdom Hearts.
Status: Dark is currently fighting with Riku. Has been critically hit.

Location: Kingdom Hearts.
Status: Has reverted back to Satoshi. Is recovering from transformation.

Chun Hyang:
Location: Kingdom Hearts.
Status: Has arrived at the battle scene, has yet to make a move.

Location: Kingdom Hearts.
Status: Severely injured and fighting Riku.

Location: Kingdom Hearts.
Status: Possessed by Ansem.

Location: Destiny Islands.
Status: Was sent to Destiny Islands by Riku, is slightly wounded.

Location: Kingdom Hearts.
Status: Inactive.

Location: Kingdom Hearts.
Status: Has just made entrance, has yet to make a move.

Location: Kingdom Hearts.
Status: Has collapsed after healing Kratos.

Location: ?
Status: Inactive.

Location: Kingdom Hearts.
Status: Has taken severe damage, is being healed by Zell.

Please respond to this if active!
Thursday, August 11th, 2005
11:17 pm
[ooc: hello]

Sephiroth stayed in his own corner, calmly surverying the show taking place beneath him.

'What pathetic fools.' He thought mildly amused with what was occuring. Finally noting that things seemed to be getting out of hand, he stood and smiled. That Riku child was thrice a fool to be taken in by that petty lowlife Ansem.

Drifting over, he mentally noted the lack of power on one side, and sadly that was the side with more occupants.

"Really now you pathetic inhabitant of Hollow Bastion." Sephiroth commented idly as he finally stopped in front of Riku, ignoring all the others.

"What is it you plan to accomplish? Taking over this worthless mortal, sending away the only person who can stop you... surely you know when to give up." He sneered.
10:36 pm
Chun Hyang
Taking her eyes off of the blonde bully for a moment, she surveyed the group.

"You all got your butts kicked by this kid?" Chun Hyang asked, pointing at Rikku.

"Wow, that's bad."

Current Mood: chipper
6:26 pm
With a shuddering groan, Zell climbed to his feet...or tied to at least; only managing to get to his knees. Glancing around, his eyes rested on Kratos and, noticing the seraphim's condition, he forced himself to his feet and walked towards him. Zell crashed to his knees beside Kratos and summoned the healing magic, "Curaga." The blue light began to surround the seraphim as Zell crashed to the ground and lost consciousness.
Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
11:18 pm
Kratos did his best to sit up, he honestly tried, but when you feel like shit there's not much you can do.
His ribs felt like they were broken, no surprise there, and he had barely any energy left to cast a healing spell, his sword lay a few feet from his reach, and try as he might he couldn't reach the handle.
He was truly doomed of Riku decided to kill him.
'Goddess... help me..' He thought in silent prayer as a last resort.
7:52 pm
Dark growled at Satoshi.
"In case you hadn't noticed, you have got to stop acting like a one man team." He snarled flopping over to his side, his body trembling with pain.
"We're all in deep shit here and if we don't do something soon we'll be kissing our graves a lot sooner than any of us want." He snapped, wincing heavilly.
3:49 pm
(( Alrighty, lets get going again ))

Satoshi glanced up angrily at Dark, though his throbbing shoulder blade was in so much pain it kept him from doing anything else.
"I don't need you to protect me!" He hissed through clenched teeth. "Protect him !" He snarled.
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