seraphim_kratos (seraphim_kratos) wrote in unfolding_fate,


Kratos awoke with a start, startled to realize that the pain he should have felt in waves were nothing but short and easy to ignore spasms. Glancing to his side, he sighed heavily, why did he always have to be saved?
Well, there was but one thing he could do for his fellow companions, one move that would restore them all.
Best to save that one for last.
And now a new silver haired being had appeared, Kratos sorely prayed that they wouldn't join forces.
"Are you alright?" He asked mildly of Dark and Satoshi as he made his way over after nodding to Squall, trusting him to keep Zell alive and revive him.
Gently he began to cast a healing spell on the two.
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