darkangel_theif (darkangel_theif) wrote in unfolding_fate,

Dark > Daisuke

Dark nodded to Kratos as he felt his strength return.
"Thanks, and I think we're okay now." He said as he stood, a bit wobbly on his feet.
"We've got problems, how do we stop this guy? Short of a bomb I think we're out of luck." He hissed.
"What I think though, is we need to get out of this place, he seems way too powerful... if only-" He suddenly froze.
That's it! Daisuke!
Yes? What is it?
I need you to draw a portal out of here!
Hey you did it once before in Freedert's world, why not here?
For one thing I need something to draw with, and where would I draw it of?!
I'll leave that to you to decide, now let's do it!

And with that Dark transformed into Daisuke.
"H-HUH? DARK!" Daisuke cried out angrily.
Hurry up!
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