vamp_onikage (vamp_onikage) wrote in unfolding_fate,

Onikage returns

A small retangular red portal formed just over riku was he was ranting about darkness growing and such to the wonderous Sephiroth. The portal stretched out widly in a few seconds and dumped out a few tired looking man wearing a yakuta. Sadly where he was landing happened to be right on top of riku. Meanwhile on the way down onikage himself began to rant.

" I knew i should have taken the bus.. if only my car hadn't ran out of gas and lord meh oh would answer his phone i wouldnt have to use these blasted portals.. better yet.. what is a bus or a car...let alone a phone..."

Onikage shook his head in confusion stopped his minor rant half way down landing on top of riku.

"... i just had to wake up today... why could i just sleep like normal people.. sure you will be powerful lord meh oh said... sure become a vampire and get stronger lord meh oh said... i need a raise..."

(OOC: sorry everyone for being away for so long.. i have had a few problems with me.. Empire.. .anyways.. /wave to everyone once again)
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