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Destiny Awaits

Follow the path you choose

Multi-world RP
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Welcome to Unfolding Fate...
Set in the world of Issai Kotodomo, a world where one region can be that of a virtual reality, take one step out of the border and find yourself in the bustling city of Tokyo.
One wrong turn can lead you from a world of magic and might, to a land filled with horror and devistation.
This is Kotodomo. A world where heroes of one world can band to fight evils, or become rivals with the utmost intention of destroying one another. Where villains pool their strengths to destroy all humanity, or ally with their enemies to destroy other threats that may lurk out there.
Welcome, to Unfolding Fate.
~ Destiny awaits ~


~ You must have a specially created LJ account for your character.
~ You can be whoever you want to, so long as you can put a picture of them up, more on this later.
~ No killing other characters, unless the other person's owner says it's okay.
~ If in the event someone gets killed, please give a valid reason if they come back. (EX: The char went off to fight, didn't come back, body never found, presumed dead. Great and mighty god/goddess revived the fallen warrior/whatever, the person only pretended he was dead, in truth was just under a spell.... something like that)
~ There are no gods in this! Well, maybe your character is a god, but there are no 'I am invincible, you cannot kill me! I can do whatever I want!' Sort of thing. From everything I've seen, all beings are killable and not invincible.
~ Please act according to character.
~ Do not do any OOC melodramatics please. Or at least give a valid reason why. (EX: Got drugged, has gone insane because of something, spell is making the char weird, got hit with a potion... etc.)
~ Do try to post at least once a week to let us know you are alive and kicking. (Exceptions are made if you are going on holiday or something)
~ Try not to ignore someone if they are RPing with you, a least acknowledge them. >_>
~ We RP with new posts, not threads, sorry.
~ Explanation for why no threads, threads are used only when people wish to engage in questionable activities.(Sex, gorey violence, yaoi, yuri... whatever's your fetish. >_>) If you are going to have engaging activities (>_>;;) please either do a thread with a warning in the subject, or do it with instant messenger please. ^^
~ Maximum of 3 characters
(Rules may be subject to change.)

What I need from you

Character's name:
Age: (Take a guess, we know not everyone's a genius.)
Personality: (Please note, we expect you to try and act WITHIN these boundaries known as the personality. ^^)
Background: (History, family, powers, abilities, any reincarnations, that sort of stuff.)
Series/Origin: (Basically where they come from, what show, book, or whatever. EX: Inuyasha, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, PICK ONE! XD)
Region: (Please give a brief description of their world.)
Picture: (Alrighty! The reason we need a pic is because it makes it seem so much more interesting. If you don't know how to put a picture up on your bio, just ask! ^^ See you there!)
And that's all I need! Easy isn't it? ^^

If anything new pops up, I'll be sure to let you know. ^^


The method of getting from world to world is fairly simple, but complex in its own little way.
In basic summary, every world/region/origin there is, there are glowing orbs that only certain people can see (this rules out the possibility of normal and everyday people from passing through), these orbs will hover in places, but when a lifeform comes within 3 inches of the orb, it will create a flash of light, and then grow into a disk, the disk will have an image on it's surface, the image will be a world (you chose in your post), the disk is now a portal, going through it will send you to the world the image mirrored. The image is chosen at random (so the same orb can send you to any world) and thus can be used repeatedly, after the person is teleported, the orb will shrink back to normal size if there are no other lifeforms about, if there are, the orb will stay in disk size and will still transport you to the same place the previous person was.


Email: sorceress64@hotmail.com

Characters Taken

~ Anime ~

D.N Angel
Dark/Daisuke - darkangel_theif
Krad/Satoshi - sexy_killer

~ Manga ~

The Legend of Chun Hyang
Chun Hyang - chun_hy4ng

~ Games ~

Balmung - azure_balmung

Kingdom Hearts
Riku - chaotic_riku
Sora - light_wielder
Leon/Squall - shadow_lion
Sephiroth - wanuingu_tenshi

Final Fantasy 7
Sephiroth - wanuingu_tenshi

Final Fantasy 8
Squall/Leon - shadow_lion
Zell - impulsive_zell

Wraith of Heaven
Onikage - vamp_onikage

Tales of Symphonia
Kratos - seraphim_kratos
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